Friday, January 16, 2015

Greener On WHICH Side...?

Because I've checked the grass on both sides...both have dog spots...


I'm Tweediebyrd, but you can call me Tweedie...and yes, I CAN spell...(in fact, I think that most people need to learn how to spell! Ever heard of spell-check kids?? Sheesh!!!). Average chick, hot as hell (when I have the flu), like to make jewelry and learning metal-smithing.  Currently between employment situations, after having lost my smile at my employer of a a decade, and am the proud mother to several 4-legged perfect, wonderful, pains-in-the-ass. I go by "Auntie" to several 2-legged versions and love being the temporary, fun mom who actually gets listened to. And then give them BACK!!!

My better half is the one who usually verbalizes opinions, loud and not always clear. I kind of sit back and occasionally critique the dreadfully stupid but on occasion I have some things I want to say. Sometimes I want to yell about the stupid-of-the -day...not to say that I am the brainiac of the world, but come ON!! In the legendary (and probably drunken) words of Ron White, the comedian, "You can't fix stupid!!".

Sometimes I will be boring, sometimes I will be obnoxious, and love an exchange of thoughts, so if you read the blog, feel free to comment. Sometimes I will want to brag about my puppeh and kittehs, but usually I just want to tell the world, usually so reluctant to behave exactly as it should, to behave exactly as it should!!